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Traveling and photography often go hand in hand! Having a desk job, I crave the outdoors,sunshine and seeing trees, flowers, breathing in fresh AIR !! Grab a camera and go.. but.. as a woman or anyone for that matter.. it is always best to venture out with a buddy! Sometimes though you look thru your list of friends and start crossing them off, the ones with family commitments, the one with a different work schedule, one that just likes to shop, one that … Maybe it’s time to try and meet some new “friends” or find someone or a few people with like interests…

Search your community for a group- maybe it’s an Art group, a book club, volunteering at a thrift store, several parks, museums have docent programs where you can join and help occasionally but you would also meet others who share your interests.

The internet is a great place to search.

Meet-up.com is a site where you can find all kinds of groups with all kinds of interests.

But I am passionate about seeing the world and taking my camera! So below I found some really good trips that are all women-

http://www.frenchescapade.com/trips-italy.html This group is founded by a French woman and highlights cooking trips to Provence, painting in rural France, and enchanted time in Tuscany!

http://www.sightsandsoul.com/athensoverview – This would be another place on my list! Looks like they organize small womens groups to travel to amazing places. It looks like the itineraries have a combination of culture, discovering and seeing the sights and down time to relax and the trips are not just about shopping! When considering a group it is important to read about them as much as possible. This group has been featured in many magazine articles, but emailing them direct will also give you a feel for the organizer and how the trips are conducted- how many people, pacing, interactions.. With the internet you could also google the group and look for reviews or find others who have taken their trips to get some feedback.

http://www.serendipitytraveler.com/home/index.php/site/index/ Beautiful website, and destinations to distinguished and romantic places! Travel in style with this group- Again I am not personally endorsing any of these groups but offer them as starting points when considering a Women’s trip with other women. The “Gardens of England tour in May 2011 looks amazing- a tour of Kew Gardens and afternoon tea at the Ritz- both wonderful opportunities and amazing Photo ops ! Questions to ask for this group would be dress, what to pack, and again what down time you might have if you wanted to spend extra time at a destination.

http://www.wildwomenexp.com/ This group looks more ADVENTUROUS ! Canoe trips, hiking, flyfishing- but what a way to do it !! In the company of fun-loving WOMEN! For Photographers I did notice a “wild Arts Retreat in Newfoundland- led by Candice Cochrane- takes place June 2011

http://www.travelstogether.com/Spain_Photography_Weeks.html– Spain Photography weeks- not sure if this is just a Women Only Photo trip- but dates in 2011 are listed as well as some sample photos to whet your appetite! Also of interst- tripods are provided so you don’t have to worry about flying with that if you did not want to ! Again I would advise emailing for some more info- find out who is leading it- no one was listed or if they just take you amazing places and you can photo away!!

http://www.womentravelingtheworld.com/girlfriend-getaways/women-travel-to-machu-picchu Here is a womens trip to Macchu Pichu for all Gals! Jennifer Vander Lind has spent time putting these trips together- was not clear if she personally leads all of them or how big the groups are.. Website is easy to use- might want to email the company and find out more-But trips look great !!

http://gutsywomentravel.com/trip/1# A Fine ladies trip to Savannah and Charleston in May when the flowers should be bloomin! Wow champagne, strawberries, fine dining and beauty all around !! Lots of Photography opportunities but a good multi-purpose camera may be your best bet. Lots of trips and looks like you are well cared for !!

Well that’s it for now… I still have space on My Vermont and Maine in October Fall Photo trips- these are both small – max of 6 photographers so plenty of one on one help if needed.

Vermont in October is truly magical, classic red barns, cheese tasting, white steepled churches set among blazing hillsides. Waterfalls, small colleges, covered bridges, and winding roads.

Hope your grab your camera and step outside today or sit down and plan your next adventure!!

Links: http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/travel/women/websiteswomenclubs.shtml– More detailed listing of even more Womens Only Travel groups-tours

http://www.shutterbug.com/workshops/ Photography workshops/trips all kinds- not just women only.

http://www.photographamerica.com/workshops.htm Photography trips and workshops -United States and abroad- led by Photographers

http://www.meetup.com/find/ Find your interest, find a group- everything from books,womens groups,photo groups,hiking, seeing stars!

http://www.womenstravelclub.com/ Just as it says- Womens TRips, designed by women for women since 1992-

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