Why Join A Photo trip?


Why Join a PHOTO Trip vs a Workshop? To me a Photo trip means time in the field photographing..be taken to some great scenics by someone who has been there before and knows where to go.
Maybe get some pointers and be with others who enjoy photography and won’t rush me along while I take time to pull out another lens or a filter or just sit and stare for a few minutes!

There are bus trips true that give good value but look at the itinerary and consult a map- a lot of ground is covered… which means watching a cool old barn or beautiful tree whizz by the window and no one stops. With a small group photo trip you can probably bet if you see something you have a chance to yell stop and get out and photograph it. A workshop will teach photography and probably do a good morning and late afternoon field stop but what about inbetween? I can’t stand to be inside with so much to discover outside down another bend- cloudy misty days are wonderful for getting into woods and getting soft light to photograph waterfalls and leaves up close!

You could do it yourself but… will you find rooms when and where you need them… how much time do you have or want to spend researching.. who will go with you or would you go completely alone and not have anyone to yell wow look at the tree–wow what a great barn or wait we must stop for a hot cider donut or a cheese tasting….hmmm..things to consider.

So if you enjoy photography but are just getting starting or don’t want to be stuck on the bus… or listen to your spouse complain about how long are you going to stare at that red tree…. well a Photo trip might be for YOU! I still have some spots available… contact me!


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