What to SEE and Photograph in 2016


January 1, 2016 !
Good Morning! Being on the West Coast for most of you it is mid afternoon! But here goes- I am determined to get a blog post done today-now before today becomes tomorrow!

Each year dawns with a Fresh Start- a clean slate and an open palette for creatives.. what shall I say thru my writing, my Art, or not say.. or share.. or SEE !
So as I contemplate what I want to SEE in 2016 … most of you probably are out doing just that SEEING !

Being a photographer to me is all about SEEING and to see you need to DO … it is an action- get out there!
And sometimes to SEE we must imagine… dream a little ..no 2 people I find SEE the same way-try it- go out somewhere new and take some photos- each of you will probably SEE in a bit different way. Of course we will all capture the establishing image.. here I am say at the top of the mountain but after a few moments- some of you will focus on the way the light is hitting the blades of grass wet with dew.. some will zoom in on the blaze of colors painting the sky, while someone else may seem an incredible silhouette created by a gnarled old tree. It is a constant fascination to not only SEE and capture new places but surround myself with others who SEE and share in the excitement of discovery!

Was I not going to share a PLACE TO PHOTOGRAPH… well I am and speaking of SUNRISE ..if you want to capture the FIRST SUNRISE (most of the time) to occur in the Continental United States- you need to find yourself at the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine!

SUNRISE is a fresh start to each DAY and that light that breaks changes and is different each morning- angle of the sun- weather.. and of course where you are ! But how exciting and inspiring to be one of the first to see the Sunrise (Oct thru March approx) in the United States!

So add ACADIA NATIONAL PARK to your Places to SEE and experience SUNRISE… and hope it is not clouded or fogged in 🙂

My name is April- and I have a passion for SEEING new places and experiencing all that is around us- trees, water, sky and sharing it… if you want to join me check out my longer trips on FallPhotoTrips.com or for day trips and shorter explorations check out Meetup.com/tours4women

Happy 2016!

PS. this image was photographed in Acadia National Park in October with my Cell Phone!

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