“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These are your greatest treasures. Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the Source of Being.” Lao-Tzu

These concepts also apply to Photography, photography of landscapes,people, animals, architecture.. all of it. Look around you and some of the most rewarding images utilize these principles of simplicity, patience and compassion.

Compassion can be defined as a deep awareness, understanding without judgment.

All around you are images that are simple but yet require patience to see them, to be aware they are there, to really appreciate what is before you and to be understanding without judgment-

The single dew drop on a new blade of glass, the beaming child in a white tshirt holding a single flower, the coffee cup on the counter.. it’s all there, everyday waiting for us to SEE these images..

The “back story” on this image.. We were on a Photo trip to Yosemite and along the way stopped at a local coffee shop, leaving the coffee shop I noticed the concrete foundation nearby with the moss growing on it and this little old ladder leaning against the wall, it kind of almost stopped me in my tracks, how bright the green moss was and the textures of the crumbling concrete. I quickly knelt and took some images. Hand held with a standard aperature opening of f8, the scene spoke to me. I might have walked by, involved in the process of getting down the road to Yosemite but instead my eyes and soul saw this.

Even cropped- it might become 2 images, one of the textures and colors of the green moss against the crumbling concrete and the other the old wood ladder.


Equipment: Any camera, cell phone camera, point and shoot any lens

Focus on one element- a single something- unclutter the image.. even items in your house will do-

Experiment- get low, look down on the oneĀ  item, look up at the one item..

Sources of Inspiration:

and of course

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