Fall Color in New Hampshire

NE_LAKE11The First day of Autumn has officially arrived and so it is time to head out and chase Fall Colors! A few quick tips on getting good Photos during Fall Foliage Season.

1. Get outside EARLY – just because you go to bed and it;s raining always plan to be up and out to catch the first light- the days are fleeting and in order to get good photos you need to be outside… not sleeping in… I know this can be hard when it’s cold out and you are on Westcoast time but… never the less..

2. Camera ready! Batteries charged-memory cards in-film in- whatever your method for capturing the colors have it ready!

3. Any Camera is a “GOOD CAMERA”- I think a lot of people have the misconception that the fancier ie. more expensive the camera.. they will automatically get better pictures.. not true!

4. Plan ahead a bit– think about what kind of photos you really like and try to “copy”that look- the best artists “copied”the art of previous artists… do you like wide landscapes, or do you prefer intimate photos of one stunning leaf against a blue sky.. satisfaction will come from getting the image you have envisioned.

5. STOP- we have all done it- driving along we see something and yet for whatever reason… it does not compute until we are a bit down the road- STOP and go back if it is safe to do so… do not loose sleep over why you did not stop… be sure and be safe! And this is why it is good to go with another person-

Happy Fall Foliage Photographing!

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