Destinations March: California Wildflowers Photo tour


Finding California WILDFLOWERS !
March in many parts of the United States has been snow and cold. Here in California the small amounts of rain have contributed to a burst of wild colors sending people out with their cameras!

Places to find Wildflowers:
Gorman, California has historically been the scene for rolling hills covered in bright California orange poppies. This year there have been pockets of color and worth the short drive. From Gorman going North you can also visit historic Ft Tejon which often has Saturday Civil War reenactments. See for more information and dates.

Lancaster Road which also will get you to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve which has trails and offers free public tours.
All along Lancaster road one can often follow a paved or dirt road and head north finding more variance of wildflowers, fiddlenecks, gold cups, lupine and other wildflowers.

Tips for Photographing and seeking Wildflowers-
Water- take along plenty of water- dehydration can set in quickly and many of these areas are miles from a convenience store.
Watch for rattlesnakes. Try to look before you step and check under your car as snakes will curl up under there as well.
Appropriate clothing- good sturdy shoes- many plants have burrs that can bury into your skin or clothing. Long sleeves is another way to protect your skin from the bright sunlight. Hat that offers shade to your ears as well if you don’t apply sunscreen.
Take a friend- I always suggest go with a buddy- you can end up out of reach of cellphones or away from a main road and need assistance. It is always best to take a buddy.

Join a Photo tour or trip-
You will improve your photography, meet others who enjoy the same and be taken hopefully to some great places to capture the Spring Colors!

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