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California has a history of boom towns, gold was discovered in California in 1848 and the rush was on.. people from all over headed west in search of fame, fortune and a new life.. but as any dream.. not all had happy endings.. what is left now are remnants, towns of faded glory…

Photographers are also seekers.. seeking out that next great image.. or undiscovered place.. so Ghost Towns often offer the undiscovered and maybe the unexpected!

Randsburg, Johannesburg and Red Mountain are still “living Ghost Towns”.. you can still  buy a sandwich, or soda and maybe an old rock or two and take home some memories and hopefully some unique photos!

Randsburg, California is located off the 395 or you can access it off the 14 North. Paved road and you can drive in with a regular 4 Wheel Drive required. Best time to go is anytime but summer- they get extremely hot.. and no protection from the sun. Good winter destination! Facilites- Clean, well-maintained Public Restrooms at the little park in the center of town. Also food available Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the White House Saloon, or the Randsburg General Store- except Christmas,Easter and Thanksgiving. Call 760-374-2143 for additional questions on hours.

Many of the buildings on the Main Street date from the Gold Rush era-making them over 100 years old. The General store still has an old tin ceiling.. though it has been painted- across the street the WHite House Saloon looks much as it must have in 1905 when it was rebuilt on the same site as a previous drinking establishment. offers some additional information and other photos

White House Saloon-Randsburg California off the 395 NorthLiving California Ghost Town

Living Ghost Towns also include People, People who have lived here,been inspired or continue to try and keep their story alive!

Randsburg is full of Friendly, Artistic people who want to share their stories and get others to come see living history.
This little business was formerly a Bank, but now almost bare inside with fresh paint it continues on…This time she is hoping to make it a “Bus Stop” literally for the tour buses- clean bathroom,a new ATM machine, and maybe a coffee bar.. now that’s what I think is needed.. a coffee bar, play some music, and some cold iced coffee!
California Ghost Town Trails is a book I picked up- Authored by Broman and Leadabrand it offers other possibilities for Ghost Town Travels.
Ghost Towns of the West-A Sunset Pictorial this book is full of beautiful black/white photos
I hope I have again inspired you to get out and Photograph-seek out the backroads and find what interests you. When photographing in Ghost Towns, off road locations and abandoned places please also think safety.
Safety Tips for Photographing Unique,Off Road Locations.
!. the Buddy System-always take someone with you- find a local photo group has many such groups check their site.
2. dress for rugged places, this means preferably long pants, socks,hiking boots or other sensible footwear, old nails, old hidden barbed wire and sometimes prickly plants can be lurking just out of sight.
3. Sunscreen and Water- always carry water with you- you never know if there will be a store or place to buy what seems to be a given necessity- be prepared.
4. Layers- depending on where you are going.. many California locations can have extreme weater- cool to hot- dressing in layers will help you be prepared.
Hope you will check out my upcoming offerings and share my site with others who enjoy photography!



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