Year end- London Calling- Night Photography Fun!

pubscene_2016Well 2016 has slipped away.
What were some of your favorite destinations of the past Year?
Today I am going to share a few favorite images from a last minute trip to London yes right before Christmas! As a traveler who loves to take photos I often think of destinations not from a sense of when to go based on Airfare, Vacation time or best temperatures but when is the best time to capture the place the way I envision it.

Think about it- do you see a City in Springtime with trees in full green, sidewalks edged with flowers or do you see a City in the heart of a season like the Holidays- sidewalks full, people hustling and lights twinkling.

For me London has been a city I viewed in Black/White- stark, dark, mysterious, a place where the likes of shady characters, Sherlock Holmes roamed, writers walked and something always seemed amiss. The Tower of London, kings, beheadings… all seemed kind of dark and gloomy. London seemed a place perfect on a rainy day or dreary cold day… but how about Christmas when the streets might be full with people hustling to buy their gifts, Charles Dickens, children excited.. hmmm I thought..
The characters from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol walked in my head, trampling my desktop with wet footprints… stirring my thoughts… Finally I just realized I had waited too long.. too long- I must go- I must see this place .. London..

So within a few clicks I found an Airfare/Hotel deal and off I was packing… a direct flight and my feet were on the ground LONDON!

London in December before Christmas at NIGHT does not disappoint. Take the tube to any number of neighborhoods, Soho, Kensington, Tower Bridge, the Thames, Hyde Park or Trafalger street… you will see streets draped in lights- store fronts with moving cakes-snow that seems to filter from the air as the lights shimmer, booths with Holiday Jumpers (sweaters to some of us) and all kinds of lights- music and people all moving past in a frenzy!

Photo tips:
Carry a small camera something like a mirrorless- compact easy to blend in and to keep it tight to you. Many of the newer Mirrorless models perform very well in low=light situations that you will be photographing in at night.

Increase your ISO to try to capture some sharpness in your image=

Keep some composition in mind as you set up your shots- lights will draw a lot of attention in a mostly black image- are there shapes- can you hold you camera still and do a 2 second exposure to get a blurred red line of a car going thru your image? Moving people will just be ghostly barely there images but if someone is standing still where will they appear in your image.. sometimes you can crop them out and sometimes you cannot-

Carry an extra battery with you- low light photography can quickly use up your battery.

Dress to be comfortable- good walking shoes- jacket- hat- appropriate coat for cool weather. If you are cold you won’t be enjoying anything.

Check local websites- newspapers for special events- like tree lightings, Christmas markets,etc.

Most of all- be in the moment and have FUN!!

Thanks for reading my blog=
This is April with and hope you had a most wonderful Holiday season and check back for more photography tips, where to travel to get great images and more! carnaby_2016

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