Womens Photography Walk -Photo Day Trips-In our Backyard!





Get outside! There is always something to discover even right outside your front door! Who isn’t on a budget? But being on a “budget”or watching your money does not mean you can’t get outside and travel right in your backyard so to speak! Find some new friends, take a bus ride, share on gas and head out somewhere or simply put on your walking shoes!
Walking areas that we typically drive past allows us to really see what is there- take in the details-find hidden gardens, meet interesting shop owners and breathe in!

I live in the Los Angeles area so the internet is full of MeetUp groups- recently I started leading Saturday morning walks and last Saturday our destination was Downtown LA- many people who live in LA simply never go there. I was surprised when at least 15 women showed up excited to walk and see a portion of the City that many have not taken time to visit!
Armed with our cameras and cell phones we stopped first at the Historic Public Library- which barely missed the wrecking ball but thankfully was spared and inside was awed by all of the details, the heavy beams in the childrens room- the old card catalogs spared and used along the walls, murals, and beautiful 1920’s detailing evoking Egyptian and Mediterranean features. The tiled pyramid capping the top of the building is an attention getter and inspires me to dig deeper into who designed this building and what messages were they trying to share with it. But on past the Library we also visited the Bradbury Building with its impressive interior hidden by its simple exterior! The Bradbury again has been used in many a movie including “Bladerunner”. So the rest of the spots will remain a mystery… instead if you live in Los Angeles and wish to join me- check out my Meetup page – Phototrips!

Get outside- live in a small town- get in the car- drive to the next small town- discover what is right around the corner- walking trails- unique buildings or just another backroad you have not taken. Before my mother passed away she had spent over 30 years living in the same community of about 45000 people and in her last years she would ask my father to drive a different street, she looked at the City map and would ask him to take her to streets she had never been down. She loved to see new things and found even passing by neighbors yards was a pleasure- in summer flowers were blooming, in fall the old trees took on coats of beautiful leaves. It is with this thought in mind that I find I never tire of taking my camera out with me and finding something even if it’s just down the street!

Have a wonderful weekend and get out and explore!

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  1. Nick Smirnoff says:

    Hi.. Looks like a GOOD turnout. Hey ah…….Im a little slow. Teach me how to put my name on my photos. Thanks.. Nick

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