Weekend Meetup Photography Outings-California


California like any other state is full of photographic potentials anytime of the year! Festivals-events-landscapes-close-ups-animals-just investigate and head out-camera in hand!

Last year I attended a small Renaissance Fair on a cloudy November weekend so seeing that it is November again I decided to go back! The Actors and participants are dressed in period attire and welcoming of photographers. I still think that capturing people unaware just enjoying life often make the best photos!

As in other situations-lighting is important-natural light is so beautiful but you have to look for it-see where it is falling and go early or stay late in the afternoon and wait and watch.

For photographers who usually enjoy landscape or other types of photography capturing people can be a tad intimidating so going to an event like this is fun and offers many opportunities to capture people in a casual fun environment much like street photography!

People often ask- what kind of camera did you use- remember it is NOT the camera it is the EYE behind it- seeing the moment and reacting in time to capture it with whatever camera or cellphone camera that is in your hand!

Like Street Photography sometimes less is more-meaning the smaller camera is less noticeable often capturing more quick fabulous unstaged moments.The bigger the camera often the more quickly you are “spotted”and then it becomes a staged shot or a lost moment.

Meetup dot com has many groups of people interested in weekend events-travel and photography look for one that matches your interests and join them! Look at your communities posting of “Things to DO this Weekend” either online, your local newspaper or contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor bureau.

Notes: Nottingham Festival. Camera used Canon 20D. Lens Tamron 18-250mm

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