Traveling on a Budget!


I recently attended the LA Times Book Festival and found some real gems among the many booths of books, people and more BOOKS!

Author Julie L. Kessler and her book Fifty-Fifty-The Clarity of Hindsight caught my eye pretty quick- the friendly smile and the banner with an airplane, the Eiffel Tower and a coffee cup…looks like ALL things I find of INTEREST !
I am a terrible reader, meaning I rarely complete a whole book or read a book from start to finish. I often pick up a book and open it and that’s where I begin.
So you ask how does Julie’s book relate to “Traveling on A Budget”?

Chapter 21 titled ├Łour Childhood Experiences will likely determine the way you earn, save and spend money. Embrace your inner employee, banker and accountant”
The picture I posted is not my childhood car but a photo I found of my grandmother’s a hard working gal who embraced living frugally and enjoying every opportunity to head out every Sunday or any day she could and explore. I follow in her footsteps, I may not have visited 50 Countries yet but I am quickly checking off 50 States and there are many ways you can create your own travel goal while staying on a budget.

Traveling on a Budget often gets confused with the idea that you can’t enjoy your travels. I believe if you make Travel a priority then you will find a way to do it. There are Volunteer vacations, there are language schools in Germany where you can converse in English in exchange for free room and board and many other opportunities to realize your goal of TRAVeL!

Resources for Travel on A Budget A magazine filled with ideas for travel on a budget offers many destinations, lodging and other travels for the budget minded – offers way to maximize points you earn by using various credit cards and the perks-hotels-flights etc Blog with Budget tips from Travelers

And the book that inspired me for today’s blog post

Julie L. Kessler- Fifty-Fifty

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2 Responses to Traveling on a Budget!

  1. Jeff says:

    Love this April!

  2. Thank you April for your kind words. Very glad you are enjoying my book Fifty-Fifty, the Clarity of Hindsight.
    Best regards,
    Julie L. Kessler

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