The Maine Objective- A Dream-A Lottery?


The Maine Objective… Being a Dreamer somehow and as of this morning I am not sure why I found this or how I found it. The Contest fell into my path, but now it caused my to spend a few sleepless nights considering it…

My Maine Objective- to share the home and Maine with others- no, not good enough, how would my essay stand out among 4200 others. I am a hard-worker but in the end not a great business person. I currently take my vacations every fall and return to Maine-chasing sunrise and those magical places that maybe no one else has captured and shared with a paintbrush or a camera click. The way the light might be hitting the lighthouse, or the storm rolling in across the Kennebec river that divided Bath.

With 6000 lakes and ponds, 3478 miles of coastline not including the islands, 3,166 off shore islands, and 67 lighthouses it would take a lifetime and many seasons to even begin to see it all! But here Bath, Maine sits- right in the middle really of the whole of Maine-at least along the Ocean- 3 hours to Bar Harbor, and Acacia National Park, a few hours north of Portsmouth NH which I basically considered the starting point to any of my Maine trips.

What would one do with a 6000 square foot home- I eagerly thought great a place for those I like to go photographing with, a place for family to visit, or others… but then I thought… need.. I didn’t need the house-in fact did anyone “need” a house that large? Here I was trying to simplify-get rid of additional bills and worries- taking on a 6000 square foot home seemed maybe a step in the opposite direction.

But the house and the dream has kept me awake.
Maine is an incredible place to go-summers swell with tourists, but come October the coves go silent, the morning fog sits and slowly burns off sometimes revealing a storybook cove dotted with boats and trees painted with the brushstrokes of fall, reds, oranges, yellows!

So here’s the Link
Good luck in writing a 300 word essay to score a lifelong dream of living in Maine, or in anyplace painted with the magical light that has drawn Artists for years!
I just don’t think I am that lucky!

The deadline is today so good luck with YOUR MAINE OBJECTIVE!

My name is April and I am an artist who enjoys sharing the beauty of nature in these 50 states, including the Fall Colors in Maine- if you want to join one of my trips/tours check out the details at

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