Photographing New England- Looking for something different

Photographing Fall in New England never ceases to amaze me!

I plan for months for a few short days to photograph some of my favorite places hopefully draped in Autumns glorious colors !


Looking at a familiar place it is important to not only grab your first instinct image.. but to look around for a few more angles. Here I am showing 3 images taken at the same time from 3 different angles- all are pleasing to me- as far as composition. There are even more ways to photograph this-try to always use your feet and get closer or the reverse walk farther away- or move around if you can.  The crosswalk lines act as leading lines in the first image.

Also remember time of day- if you can- plan to return when the light is better and don’t forget about night photography. Digital photography makes it much easier to photograph at night and get some pretty nice results! Plain bright blue sky is more effective than a white washed out sky against the steeple but night might be even more impressive and something different.

Try a different lens- if you have a wide angle, try that, zoom in on a detail… and get creative! If you can get very low and look straight up- or look for a vantage that lets you get higher- maybe a nearby building in this case has a place to get higher.

Patience- think about what is in the photo besides your main subject- are you including cars- do you want the cars in the image? If you wait would you prefer some pedestrians in the image or maybe something else. A couple walking hand in hand in the crosswalk might have been nice. The bright red car does add some perspective and a zing of color. The American flag adds as well but does the edge of the building detract.. all things to consider when photographing and wanting to move beyond just a recording..

Before you head out to photograph give some thought to what you wish to capture- the tools you are taking and maybe include something you would not normally do- a new angle, a new technique, anything… have fun! Pixels are cheap if you are using a digital camera which I believe most of us are now!

It is easy to get rushed into the typical souvenir shot when you visit famous landmarks-

Challenge yourself and your creativity to push beyond that-

Most of all- just get out and photograph!

Tip: Angle-

work with what you have -YOU ! Portsmouth-14

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