October’s Last breath… reflections of Autumn in New England

Vermont_2011 ME_Booth_14So quickly the weather changes and Autumns brilliant dance of leaves, color and haunting scents takes her leave. So as October slips away tonight I reflect on my travels to New England.

I was blessed to spend many glorious days up early watching the sky break over the water along the Coast of Maine, the lakes of New Hampshire and the farm ponds of Vermont.

I was happy to discover some new back roads, some new to me small towns and meet some really friendly locals.

So as October slips away tonight I re-visit the places I enjoyed.. Bennington Vermont stands out as well as some of the “tips”I got from locals to take a little turn here or over a hill there. I think there were more people out seeking fall color this year.. more buses.. and more leaf peepers.. so I had to work around them a bit and enjoy the gems of solitude even more! The weather overall cooperated and offered some brilliant sunrises, and wonderful skies!

If you are thinking about a trip for next year- it is important to plan early and for less crowds try visiting on the week days if you can. Get out a paper map… yes that’s right get a paper map or stop and just talk to the locals they will be more than willing to share great places to eat, and pretty views!

Also the hours of daylight shorten quickly.. so maybe grab some snacks and make the most of the hours of daylight.. or in some cases no rain! For 2 years now in a row..it has been raining so hard in Bath, New Hampshire…

And… I can’t wait until next year when Autumn in her golden colors returns to sweep thru and capture me … I will be ready and hopefully waiting with my camera! Consider joining me or plan your own trip to New Hampshire and Vermont!

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