New Year 2017- January Photography Destinations USA

Yosemite in Winter....One of the 10 Hottest Cold-Weather Photo Spots !January is here again.
Stark landscapes- great places for using black and white. Locations that have architecture can really benefit as buildings are not hidden behind lush trees and foliage.
Birds gather and migrate to warmer places.

If you have been following the news- California has been getting a bit of rain which can mean snow

Yosemite National Park is a beautiful treasure in any season but to me especially stunning it is quiet season.. winter- fewer visitors and more places to take in the parks majesty and wonder.
Besides the waterfalls, and traditional valley views check out the parks schedule of daily nature walks, photography classes and more!

Plan your sunrise and sunset locations- many of the best photos take a little planning- be in a spot ready and waiting. A great guide to pick up is “The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite” by Michael Frye- pick up a copy before you go- Michael gives you details on locations=times and more-an excellent guide!

Give yourself time to wander- explore- you need to find your own unique place or image that inspires you- once you have collected your postcard image or that wall hanger just have fun or take some time to explore! And again it is always best to travel with a buddy- if you venture off alone be sure to let someone even if it is the front desk know where you are going and when to expect you back… many people are lost or disoriented and winter can descend quickly. Be smart- take a friend someone who enjoys similar activities and will allow you equal space to create and explore. yose_2011_bw

You don’t need to be an avid outdoorsman to take in the beauty or capture some great images here in the Park but you do need to be prepared.
Pack warm clothing- layers are best. A cold photographer is not one that is a happy or focused photographer. Look into fingerless gloves so you can still operate your camera. Warm socks- extremities- fingers-feet are most vulnerable to cold temperatures. Consider renting some snowshoes so you can hike a bit further into meadows or areas that off the trails a bit for unique winter perspectives or new takes on sights that have been photographed many many times.

Location and Camera tips:
Airport: Fresno
Airlines that service Fresno- United, American, Delta and Alaska Airlines
Bus=public transport from Fresno – there may be service but you probably want to check first- Yarts is one.
Rental cars are available at Fresno Airport.
Lodging- highly recommend staying in the park to get the most out of your visit and increase your photography opportunities!
Yosemite Valley Lodge= originally known as Lodge At the Falls is my first choice for its proximity to the lower falls and valley floor, rooms are comfortable and you have dining options on site as well. Weekends will book quickly so plan ahead or be able to visit during the week.
Camera tips- extra batteries are necessary if out in cold weather.
Bring a back-up set-up. Tripod is really a good idea to get the sharpest images possible. A camera that is resistant to wet weather or be able to wrap your camera well.
Lens suggestions- this is really up to you as an artist but Yosemite is really about Big Landscapes- so a good solid wide angle lens for those postcard images, a macro for interesting and unique tight images that you may find right after a fresh snow or heading out on a trail. You may also want to do some night photography- so again a prime wide angle lens might be a good choice for long exposures for star trails.

Most of all- go explore- and have fun!! Your eye is unique and what you create will be special to you!
Explore and create!
Thanks for reading my blog and may you have an incredible 2017!


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