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The lighthouse is the iconic Maine image.. guiding sailors around rocky bends and the many fingers of land that stretch out from Maine most of the lighthouses are now electronic but Maine is home to many beautiful lighthouses. Consider what time of day you wish to photograph the Lighthouse or houses you are visiting. The bright white of this lighthouse will be easy to overexpose. Sunrise and sunsets can be stunning times to capture a lighthouse- remember to use a tripod. It’s that time of year- May, when school gets out, and the summer vacation fever begins! And yes for photographers we have so many hours of daylight.. long days… By this time of year I am fine tuning my Autumn Photo Travel plans. I find the low light and shorter days of October are just right- I can be up for sunrise and photograph until sunset, children are back in school and the leaves start to color. 

Maine is one of my October destinations that I return to again and again for its variety of subject matter! Many think of Maine as the Coastal areas filled with coves,colorful fishing villages, boats and the historic lighthouses that dot the shorelines. Maine is more than that- full of rich hardwood forests I have often taken some of the most stunning tree images in Maine, reds,oranges,browns and all the shades in between pepper the many forests and parks.

Maine has opportunities to photograph historic sites as well- the first “colony” in Maine was established around 1607 prior to the Pilgrims.

October in Maine has many photographically rich opportunities contrary to the stereotypical view of Maine’s summer coastal areas. Old fishing boats,row boats and their faded paints can provide many  images. To get the greatest detail be sure to use a tripod, lower your iso and possibly use a remote shutter release to keep your hands away from the camera. Often I find myself getting so excited by the view in front of me I forget to take time to steady up the camera and return with images that have some blur. Use a tripod- if you traveled a long way to photograph it is worth the extra steps to get the image right!

Trees!! Here is a taste of what I was talking about earlier.. trees- some of the most beautiful trees in the fall I have photographed in Maine- this is a reflected stand of trees, taken late afternoon, and also in the water was a canoe with 2 people- very “LL Bean” in appearance! When out looking for fall foliage to photograph- it is best to always travel in pairs, or join a Photo trip. It is easy to get distracted by all the beauty and not be watching the narrow country roads. Also when you do see something- look for a safe spot to pull off the road, try to choose a spot out of traffic or where others can easily see around you and drive around. Also it is fun to wear a bright color and put yourself in the photo..this adds interest to your photo.. be doing something walking down a path, carrying a camera.. holding some collected leaves.. or just sitting on a nice rock looking out at the scene in front of you.

Maine is a wealth of Photo Opportunities in any season but my favorite is still October- colored trees, stunning lighthouses with ocean views, historic homes, farmstands, people being outdoors, fishing, and beautiful skylines of fishing villages.

So get your camera and start planning a trip to Maine.. or join me on my Fall Photo trip to Maine in October- priced at just over $ 1000.00 for 6 nights shared lodging (add extra for your own room),all transportation, and if you are a Canon photographer- use of lens and gear! Wow what a great deal- for more information please contact me

April 818-723-7413 or email

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