January- Photographers Calendar- Birds


January is stark. Basic colors of black, greys and whites in many places. The Northern Hemisphere is resting- and gone dormant- so often we sit and stare wondering where to take ourselves and our cameras.

January brings me to mind also of poets such as Emily Dickinson sitting at her desk staring at a cold quiet landscape.
January is a time for photographers to embrace these stark landscapes, chase winterscapes, go to the deserts which often prove to be too hot in a few months and look to the skies. Birds- there are many places where birds migrate to – more moderate places such as California so we watch and see many many birds sharing open water-open fields and sticking together.

There are many places that attract many birds such as Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico, the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge, Humboldt Bay California, San Diego Bay and many other spots- check online or visit www.fws.gov for complete listing of sites near you.

Tips for photographing BIRDS:
You will need a long lens- like a 300mm or greater depending on your budget, what feels comfortable to hand hold and the larger the lens the closer you will be able to zoom in and capture more details of the birds. tur
If you use a tripod when photographing birds which tend to move a lot you will want a tripod with a gimbal head to be able to quickly move your camera, refocus and lock in on the bird.
Personally I prefer hand-holding for more mobility.
Patience- I think getting a good solid bird photo you need to stay focused and patient to wait- wait for the birds, and wait to compose the shot you really want to take.
Image stabilized lens- if you will be handholding as I sure some of you will it is important to turn the stabilizer function on to increase getting a strong solid image.
Like any other subject you can photograph many birds and create landscape images, or create portraits with single birds- try to get in as close as possible or you feel comfortable and capture the “expression” of that bird.
Watch your edges- be aware to give extra space around the image you want. Make sure there isn’t an odd object such as a stick going the wrong direction in your photos, heads, hands or binoculars you didn’t want in your image.
Compose with elements such as tree branches, telephone lines or early morning sunrise.
Remember it is not the CAMERA that creates the image- even a cell phone can capture a great image.. it is being at the right place, right time and strong composition skills!

For more information on WHERE to capture Bird Images- try the Audubon Society, follow a local birding group, and check the internet.
I will close with a few lines from Emily Dickinson who wrote…
“Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all, And sweetest in the gale is heard; And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many warm. I’ve heard it in the chilliest land And on the strangest sea; Yet, never, in extremity, It…
Read more at: http://www.azquotes.com/author/3956-Emily_Dickinson/tag/bird

January is a time of hope- new ideas- new creative challenges!
My name is April and I am an avid photographer and traveler. I enjoy sharing the beauty of the world around us and leading others to explore their creative spirit!
I hope you will get out and capture the magnificent world around us and take some photographs to remember and treasure!

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