Haunted or just Lonely? Lodgings with Spirit… California

Here it is Halloween-

According to Wikipedia- “the word Halloween dates to about 1745- and is of Christian origin” but some date it back to some sort of Pagan or Celtic festivals celebrating and remembering those who have departed…

In the United States- it seems commercialism has taken over and it’s all about scaring and fright- or running around and collecting treats.. but what does it mean for YOU?

In my travels I have run into all kinds of locations that are deemed “Haunted” but again that can conjure images of scary places or just places where souls seem to be connected, still lingering about.

Sticking to¬† places in California I will share a few places I have personally stayed that felt “Haunted..” – leave a comment if you have been there and your feelings

+++these are all Personal Observations and opinions+++

Contact information for each location was correct as of date of publishing-

1. California- The Historic Mariposa Hotel Inn– 209.966.7500 – http://mariposahotelinn.com/

Staying here on a blustery October or early November night can definitely take you back in time to the 1850’s or maybe before. The old wooden hotel creeks a bit and the woods hold the laughter and steps of those adventurers and gold seekers from the past. Stories seem to cling around the stairs and just outside walking down main street. I stayed here some years ago now with my family and my mother who always seemed in tune to things you couldn’t see was awfully quiet about this place. I wasn’t sure if it was a bit old for what she expected to stay in or if she was just trying to keep me from being scared. I can’t say I “saw” anything but then isn’t a feeling picking up on something? Maybe by its mere historic status it invites your imagination to wander- perfect for those who seek more than a generic experience. Dig a bit or go and stay and decide for yourself.

2. Catalina Island– there are many places to stay on Catalina Island- GlenmorePlaza.com is the oldest on Catalina Island and 2nd oldest in California. Interesting facts- the same crew that built the stunning Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego built this shortly after. Many famous guests have stayed here- reportedly Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Amelia Earhart. The whole island is a bit spooky in a way to me, maybe it’s the turbulent ocean you have to cross to get here, maybe it’s the isolation I feel or maybe it’s the lost souls like Natalie Wood who still wander here. I spent many September Weekends here participating in the Catalina Art Festival.. and after the crowds left and the streets emptied it felt lonesome and haunting.. and often I would turn around to see if someone were following me, even though it’s an island and there aren’t too many places to wander but yet it left deep impressions on me- and in fact I have not returned.

Catalina Island does offer hiking, music events, art festivals, and of course rent a golf cart and take in the views!

Go and check it out for yourself. 800.422.8254- think there about 42 rooms/suites.

3. Last location I will share though California has many more- The Coast Guard House Historic Inn- 707.882.2442, 7 rooms and built in 1901

I did enjoy my stay here but would I say I feel it is haunted… maybe. The location is near the rocks right off the ocean. Originally I felt at peace, but maybe it’s just a bit too isolated, maybe the sounds of the waves reminded me that the lightkeepers who built it often risked their lives to save others or maybe it;s the fact that it really is alone on the bluff. You can’t walk to other shops or restaurants, it is very much a destination in itself. Sometimes the hikers or characters you see milling by the pier make you feel a bit vulnerable, as you are far from civilization and the innkeepers don’t stay onsite. So if you like being alone from civilization with a view this might be a great place to do it- or to compose that next mystery novel- the Movie by Hitchcock the Birds isn’t far away.


Thanks for reading my post on Haunted or Not Lodgings in California- if you are interested in joining me on a Trip or Tour or just need an Itinerary put together – contact me!

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