Happy New Year 2015! New Travels-New Adventures!


Happy New Year 2015! All the travel sites are posting the LIST of where to go in 2015… where will you go? What is on your list to experience this year?

Like a bride to be I think I have Something New Something Old Something Borrowed Something Blue!
Something New… on my list of to visit.. I find the United States still has many unexplored places- Santa Fe New Mexico, The Mississippi River, Memphis and possibly the Florida Keys… now there are some destinations to photograph and experience. I am excited by landscapes-expressions of place. Santa Fe, New Mexico final home for Artist Georgia O’Keefe must have piqued her artistic fibers somehow… and Santa Fe is home to many Artists-what appeals to them- wide open spaces.. the light.. I hope to seek out what attracts so many other creatives. The Mississippi- main highway for years for moving goods from the South all the way to Minnesota. Memphis TN, the home of Elvis Presley- home of the Blues music and all that BBQ… hmm.. sounds like a great place to visit! Florida Keys- birds, blue waters and white sands.. what’s not to like or find to photograph?

Something Old- I love photographing ├Âld things”- old buildings-places that pull me back time and time again. I will once again head to Vermont this October chasing Fall Colors- time traveling to a simpler time- covered bridges, old barns, white steepled churches and small towns that have withstood the years. Early summer a trip up to Bodie- best preserved Ghost town in California-one of the most rowdy towns that just shriveled up and blew away… but now sits barren in a state of arrested decay”.

Something Borrowed.. this is a tricky thing to explain- Borrowed-
I have been investigating new gear- who doesn’t and it might be best to use a site like Borrow Lenses dot com and rent a camera or lens to try out on one of my trips..
Maybe an infrared for a trip to Bodie- maybe a fisheye for a trip to a City… so many tools to try.. or get some friends together and swap gear.. try something new..

Something BLUE… like this photo from San Francisco.. the colors of Night and Blue hour right now have captured me.. like finding a new flavor.. I think BLUE has attracted me and I chase that blue hour… so I look forward to more photos of the sky- blue waters- blue hour with a city skyline just lighting up…

Hope you are enjoying your First Day of 2015- Check out a Meetup group in your area for others who are passionate about your interests and make some new travels and new photos!
Happy New Year !!
Thanks for reading- April

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