February -Photographers Calendar – Blossom Trail California



California is a wonderful destination for February. While many parts of the United States are still receiving snow, cold and grey skies California has warm days and opportunities for landscapes abound.
Death Valley is bearable- and this year with some rains there is what is being called an EPIC bloom of wildflowers.
Yosemite National Park experience a unique phenomena when the setting sun can create a glow appearing like FIRE against Horsetail Waterfall in the Valley. Be prepared to get there hours before sunset to get a spot and hold it.
In the mid section of the state where acres of Fruits and nuts grow.. the rows of trees all briefly bloom- pale pinks, bright pinks and white blooms, meanwhile the surrounding hills can be carpeted in bright greens and other wildflowers.

To find the Trees- take Highway 99 and exit when you start to see the trees- follow any of these roads many follow a grid. Be aware many the groves of trees are private property. Stay near the road or obtain permission before you just start trampling into the trees.
Fresno California is a good place if you need to stay over=night or on the Southern end you have Bakersfield. In between there are some newer hotels along Highway 99 check with your local AAA office, Holiday Inn, Best Western or Super 8 for locations.

The blossoms are beautiful and getting close to afford some wonderful images.

Places you may want to look for : The Blossom Cafe (closes by 2pm I believe but serves homemade pie!)
Simonian Farms –
the giant Teapot at Kingsburg California

Fixed lens.
50mm or portrait lens for some wonderful portraits
16mm, 18mm or 24mm for some wider angle images to include various compositions of the trees-trunks or rolling hills you may encounter on your way.
Filters such as a polarizer may be helpful to adding some dimension and depth to a washed sky or one that has only a hint of clouds.
Most of all take some snacks and water- there are a few small towns here and there but you may get caught up in the chase of the colors,fruit stands, nuts for sale and honey tastings along the way!

Thank you for reading my Photography blog.
My name is April and I enjoy photography, eating local foods and the thrill of driving down backroads in search of new vistas! Hope you will join me on my next Road Trip, day trip or longer adventure.

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