Destinations 2015- Acadia National Park


The First Eastern National Park-attained National Park status in 1919 and includes about 35,000 acres of land.

The park holds much for the landscape photographer-coastline, carriage roads, trees, lakes and mountains. Visiting the park during the different seasons will capture many different images.

One could spend a lot of time here hiking trails, sitting and watching the change of skies over the lighthouse or capturing the break of the waves along its rocky coastline.

Like any outdoor venture it is important to take some precautions

1.Have a buddy- travel-hike or be with someone.
2.Be aware of your surroundings -don’t be so caught in your image that you are not making sure you are watching your feet-paths and overlooks can be steep.
3.Weather conditions
4.Clothing -long sleeves to keep sun off- hats again for sun-ticks etc.
5.Water-stay hydrated.

Consider joining a Phototrip to get the most out of your experience if you have limited time.

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