Celebrate the Change of Season- the Fall Equinox… the gathering begins!

The autumnal equinox arrives precisely at 4:21 a.m. (EDT) on Wednesday, September 23 and with it … Autumn begins- the daylight starts to dwindle as we settle in for winter in the Northern hemisphere.

Time to Gather- time to collect what will see us thru the long dark days of WINTER…

My creative spirit seeks the colors of fall, the crisp air and the crunch of leaves, my gathering is more of a spiritual nature… taking only photos, leaving only footprints. Strengthen yourself to sustain your spirit and creative mind thru the dark days… find what will carry you..
In days long ago or rural areas collecting the basics firewood, food and extra protection against Winters chill and separation from cities or groceries is important. For those of us not needing maybe to do such physical gathering I believe we need to really consider other ways we gather- shed the unneeded and surround ourselves with what will sustain us. For each of us this may mean a different approach… for myself it is collecting images, filling my camera, my eyes and mind with beauty, good foods, and time to reflect before the dark days settle in. I gather my supplies, papers, photos, words, images, pencils, paints … bright warm threads, cozy materials and foods like pumpkin, squash, soups, spices and warmth!

If you seek a true return to your roots- now is the time to go… maybe it is your childhood hometown, maybe your old school… for some reason I return to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.. maybe returning to where my ancestors long ago first set foot on a new land… Being close to the earth feels vital to me… touching the ground -breathing the air and as I go collecting a souvenir… my photos!

Fall is a wonderful time to journey- for yourself- follow where your spirit and soul lead you. Don’t let anyone deter you.

Fall happens all around but for a dramatic change of season you may want to venture to New England, The midwest, the mountains, or even somewhere like Germany which has Oktoberfest…

Fall weekends can be full of events- celebrations, harvests and homecomings… so a little planning might be necessary. Call ahead and secure a place to rest your head.. whether that is a camping space or motel. Join friends/family or take yourself.

Don’t overlook caring for yourself and your creative spirit- protect it against the winter- feed it with images-colors and quiet time to reflect.

Travel sites I find helpful are Kayak for airfares, AAA for maps and guides and tripadvisor for reviews suggestions and input from other travelers.
And if you seek a unique Fall Foliage New England Trip/tour… contact me or check out my offerings to Vermont-New Hampshire and other locations in the United States.
I plan them for creatives of all types- whether you use a camera, a pencil or just your cell phone.. consider getting away and feeding your soul!

My name is April Bielefeldt and I design and lead unique Trips to locations that are Photographically Pleasing!
Hope you will join me on my next journey, day trip or weekend away!


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