California Places to Photograph-Behind the Photo-Travels with my Camera!

California Places to Photograph-Behind the Photo-Travels with my Camera!

As an artist I sometimes feel like I walk around in a cloud- sometimes present in the moment and sometimes somewhere else. Maybe I sit at a desk for too many hours and my mind is always out traveling!
I am always thinking about a photo I missed – I should not be thinking that… I should have gotten that image- maybe imagined it prior.
This is important – CREATE before !
We don’t always know where the day will take us but in some cases we do.
The night before I should have imagined the story in my head… it would have been so easy but here i am now lamenting the one that got away!
So you ask- what’s missing? The Answer- JUANITA !! And who is Juanita you might ask- a pilot- a celebrity- who?
Juanita is the proud owner of this 1958 Chevrolet Delrey and she had wonderful stories and photos to show me of her husband at a much younger age in the car, the fact that not many of these were around now, even though they had been very common in the late 50’s. She had a rag and followed me around the car- polishing a tad more here, offering to move the entry number-rubbing and polishing the car with every word. She was so happy and enthusiastic that I would be photographing her car out of the whole line-up I had eagerly approached hers. It’s these doors that open when you pull out your camera to create an image that are almost more meaningful than the image you end up with- capturing THAT is a challenge but one I know in this case I completely missed the mark.
WHERE is JUANITA in this photo…I needed to include HER here somewhere- and she is not..
Dream Dream Dream- Create and recreate in your mind a story- now go try and collect that story into a picture – a lasting image- a memory of more than just the car or the sky or the plane…

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  1. We don’t just create art. We record memories.Even though I can create a great image, its sometimes the memory of the spot or day that is more meaningful.

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