Best of 2012- Paris

Ok.. everyone else posted their Year end list of the best-the favorites-the classic end of year recap.. so here goes..
It’s hard to ignore that I went to Paris for Valentines Day in 2012-also the year that parts of Europe saw record low temps and Snow ! There were even a few places closed.. like the TOP of the Eiffel tower due to ICE !! Cold.. but oh such am amazing city!
Being cold and being with my husband kept me clicking photos in a hurry- Street Photography and quick grabs.. a fun exercise and with practice your eye is composing as you move!
So instead of a breath taking image of the Eiffel tower or some other grand composed scene.. I highlight a capture from my street photography..Paris Metro

And it’s not even taken on a street.. well you might call it the underground streets.. the Metro..

Quick tips for better street photography-have a fast lens-and set the camera speed a bit faster unless you want a blurred look to your image..
Quickly scan a street scene-look for a pop of color to add interest to an image-try different angles-
Most important I think the ability to be incognito so to speak.. is good-it allows you to capture without attracting attention..

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