5 Places to Treat Your Father in New England

Fathers Day-that day when we honor our Fathers, with something more than another tie, or pack of golf balls.

New England has some great places to celebrate Fathers Day weekend-either for a day, a weekend or maybe a full week!MirrorLake2015

1.How about Lake Winnipeasaukee in New Hampshire-get a cabin by the lake, enjoy some time fishing, boating or just sitting and chatting with a cold drink!


2.Catch the First Sunrise in the United States on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acacia National Park in Maine.


3. Seek out a great meal- or again make a round of best burger places-such as Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock, Vermont.


4. Ice cream at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory tour in Waterbury Vermont


5. Plan a trip to the White Mountains for Hiking-walking and Photography! Spend time with your Father!

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