Photography and Safety

Photography and Safety- Some tips to keep in mind:

If you are a Landscape Photographer or an Avid Traveler who enjoys taking photos it is important to take time to be SAFE

If you are Driving – know where you are going – don’t just rely on your cell phone, many places even within the United States. Be prepared- make sure your car is full of gas, often when we are photographing in Nature we get excited and the chase is on!

The Buddy System- I highly highly advise the Buddy System- I can’t stress this enough. It is important if you are going outside even if you think you know the area, the park, the neighborhood- go with someone. IF you insist on going it alone- let the hotel front desk know you are going out, where you plan on going to and a contact phone number. If you don’t return by a certain time wouldn’t you rather have someone out looking for you– than not?

Proper ATTIRE– for outdoor photography know the weather, know the potential conditions, coats, hats, boots, don’t be out without proper clothing- carry extra with you if you go out for a long hike or have in your car.

FOOD– be sure and take some FOOD- I can’t stress this enough either especially for landscape and travel photography. A few power bars, nuts, and bottled water can carry you over for a few hours when the light gets great!

Basics like a FLASHLIGHT, bandaids, aspirin, are minimum items you should keep on you. You can purchase a travel size pre-packaged First Aid Kit as well to keep with you, in a backpack or in your car.

If you Join A PHOTOTOUR – ask questions so you will be comfortable with the guide, or some trips you do your own driving.

Thanks for reading my blog and if you have comments or would like to see a destination covered let me know!






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