New England for October- still time!!

New England- specifically Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and states like Connecticut, and even Maine have beautiful fall foliage, covered bridges, small iconic Villages and 2 lane rooms – a sought after destination when the calendar turns to October.

Bookshelves are covered with travel guides and the internet full of ideas– but what IF you have just decided to take some time off and go… Now What??

Buy that Airline ticket- if you are lucky you can still find some great fares- Frontier, even Alaska Air fly to Boston and besides Boston you may want to choose one of the smaller airports such as Albany NY or Burlington Vermont.

Lodging- you can check on the chains and they will still have rooms in the larger places like White River Junction, Lebanon/Hanover and others BUT you CAN still find rooms in smaller places- unique finds. HOW do I do that you may ask- well you can spend a lot of time hunting- making phone calls and being on the internet but there are some hidden gems- or get yourself an Itinerary Planner- let them find places, and often someone like myself will have relationships with many bed.breakfasts and inns and be in the know about available rooms.

Be willing to lower your “standards” if Money is a concern or a factor- choose something with fewer reviews or places that are more “basic”,  many of the old 50’s roadside motels have been updated with clean hardwood floors, and basic clean lodgings for a fraction of some of the chains. Read the reviews and realize you are only sleeping there- prices in fact can triple during the month of October.

Secure your WEEKEND LODGING first- I can’t stress this enough – the Weekends fill up- because those living/working in the metro areas of New York, Boston so on and on also get out and take Fall Weekends, and the many Colleges, and Universities have Parents Weekend, Homecoming and other events that fill up the rooms !

Plan now- do some research- be flexible or get some assistance. BUT PLEASE GO!! Mother Nature is continually creating changes- so don’t wait plan to go to New England EVEN IF you just started your PLANS !


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