Fall in New England ! Feel it Taste it – New England in October!

Fall in New England? I am sure some of you thought I was going to chat about safety but the Word Fall perfectly fits the Season. Like Spring is a popping UP an Awakening of sorts- Fall is a time to gather- collect our thoughts, our best feelings, our Warm experiences- gather the BEST to carry us thru what used to be very Long Dark Days of WINTER.

So when I get asked to create an Itinerary it’s difficult to sell you thru WORDS- you can’t see my face, I can show you some photos or maybe try to explain an experience but my experience is just that – an experience so to FALL in NEW ENGLAND – you have to do just that… FALL in.. Fall in and taste a warm slightly sweet cider donut hot in your hands, you have to hear the early morning cry of the loons, watch the clouds lifting and the light changing over the hillside and the fog lifting to reveal the picture postcard view of a Red Barn surrounded by bright colored trees, walk quietly and hear the leaves crunch… BUT I still have to try and find is an experience that is important to YOU!

Fall is also just by Nature and the word itself… you Fall you need to be SLOW… you need to take it SLOW- you need to not rush. By rushing you won’t have time to taste the hot sweet cider, or even have time to find the path to walk crunching thru the leaves, or look up at the light filtering thru the trees… let alone hear the whispers of history or feel the brisk air hit your face.

So… to really LOVE FALL in NEW ENGLAND – you need to be willing to slow it down-

Google Maps, Mapquest- all of these programs have made it easy to get us from Portland Maine to Bennington Vermont and back to Boston in a few days – say 3 or 4 because that’s all you have BUT is that Fall in New England? I don’t think so= that’s just a fly over to ME but…

So when you are planning your Trip to New England- give me some thoughts on why you want to go – what experiences you hope to have and let’s chat and make it memorable!

You gotta Fall- you gotta Feel and you gotta SLOW it down a tad to really experience why millions return each October to New England!

Planning Tips for Fall in New England-

  1. choose some Experiences to go with the Colors- because the Colors will be found but need to be paired with say a hike, beer tasting, finding the best cider donut or checking out all the Country Stores or a covered bridge-
  2. Time– the best roads are NOT 60mph or more like we drive getting to work in places like LA- the best roads are more like 35-40- and lots of stopping or slowing down- tractors are out, school buses, and small towns have one lane roads going thru them – YES they DO exist!
  3. Locations- there are many places- but do you prefer being by the Water, chatting with a few others over a Farm breakfast, = Locations work somewhat in tandem to your desired experiences

My name is April- I have been leaving LA each fall for over 15 Octobers to experience Fall in New England, sleeping local and Eating Local and I hope to help you create a memorable trip OR join me and spend more time capturing it with your camera OR leave the Driving to ME..


Fill out the FREE Form on my website www.fallphototrips.com or message me april @ aprilart dot com-

All the best! Now back to sipping my coffee and spice muffin !

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