Best Places to Photograph Fall Color- Planning Tips!

Wow- here it is JULY 1-and it’s probably pretty HOT and bright wherever you are- the kids are running around or playing in the pool and hopefully you are relaxing.. but it’s already TIME to start planning your Fall Travels!

Photography in the Fall is obviously one of my favorite seasons! I live to get out and capture the “carpet” of trees- reds, oranges, greens, yellows and browns against a bright blue sky!

The United States has some incredible destinations for Capturing Fall Colors-

  1. New England tops in my book for its variety of scenics- small towns, covered bridges, small farms and iconic steeples dotting the landscape. New England for most is Vermont and New Hampshire. Contact the state tourism offices for Free Maps and guides. Classic Movies like “On Golden Pond”, “Funny Farm”, “Beetlejuice”, and “Jumanji” were all filmed in Vermont and New Hampshire.
  2. ┬áBoston and Massachusetts- Boston is a trip in itself as you don’t want a car and the city is full of historic spots and brownstones! Best advice- don’t rent a car, stay a few days and then you can rent a car and hit the Mohawk Trail one of Americas earliest trade routes follows a couple of rivers. Plan early for Boston- Boston is probably the priciest place to stay in the United States with rooms during Fall Weekends starting around $250.00 unless you have friends or family to crash on their couch!
  3. New York state- Upstate New York – all along the Hudson River communities like Senaca Falls which is forever linked to the classic Christmas Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” and gateway to the Finger Lakes. You can sip wine, and watch the leaves fall! For something relaxing and wonderful to do in the Fall Consider a Hudson River Cruise- consult American Cruise lines or other provides and enjoy a unique trip and never have to deal with “traffic” !
  4. Virginia- The Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park – get your car packed and head out on another incredible drive thru the trees. Shenandoah National Park also has an incredible Artist in Residence program. This is a great trip for those who enjoy driving but don’t have a lot of vacation days. There are plenty of places to pull off and also places to stay within the park- get outside or take it at your pace. See the website for the National Park for more tips!
  5. Maine- kind of a hidden gem- lots of Trees, and miles and miles of shoreline. Acadia National Park glows in the fall and offers places to get away from the hoards of Leaf Peepers! Pick up a guide book, this park offers a variety of landscapes to keep a photographer busy, a lighthouse, beaches, rocky, smooth, trees and water and changes in elevation offer plenty to fill your memory card! A few photographers Collen Miniuk Sperry, and David Middleton both have great guides you can pick up at your local bookstore or order online.


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